Website Options

Below are a list of additional items to customize your website.

Client Maintainable Web Maintenance System

Gibbs Design web sites are so easy to update that text and images can be added from the convenience of your home or office PC.

Calendar of Events

An online calendar can be an extremely useful resource for your new website. Our calendars are client-maintainable through our custom content management systems so you will have the flexibility to update a schedule of events at your own convenience. Our update systems are unique, easy to use, and work on all current web browsers.

Shopping Carts

Some people say that a shopping cart is a shopping cart. We know better!! Our shopping carts have been tested on some of the web's largest sites and provide you with the ability to catalog your items, provide an area for detailed descriptions, small and large images of the products you are selling, and can post a watermark over your images to protect your competitors from using your image. A shopping cart is the backbone of your online business. Your company is too important to use a cheap system. Save money by getting it done right the first time!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your web presense is essential to the return on investment of your website. The Yellow Pages are becoming extinct in an era where people search for product and services on Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and other major search engines. Many of our clients have accepted the importance of optimizing their web presense for the search engines. They chose to implement either Natural (Organic) or Paid Placement techniques to achieve greater visibility for their website.

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Site Statistics

The site statistics program is an advanced software that displays the volume of visitors to your website. The information also includes how the visitor(s) found your website, what pages he or she entered and exited the site, and the exact keywords that the visitor(s) typed in order to find your site through Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, or any of the major and many of the minor search engines. The program also displays the volume of visitors that have entered the site through the major search engines and which search engine consists of the greatest volume of traffic to your site.


Gibbs Design offers a variety of hosting options to suite your needs. Contact Gibbs Design so that we help guide you as to the best hosting plan for your company.

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Gibbs Design offers a variety of email packages. With our email services you will be able to not only check your email from your office, but also while your at home or away on vacation.

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