Web Design Phases

Organization Phase

Begin your website by choosing a domain name, menu names (such as Home, About Us, Directions, Contact Us, etc.) and developing content about your company (such as images and text) to implement during the construction phase. If your website is programming-intensive, we will begin developing specifications during the organization phase.

Design Phase

During the design phase, Gibbs Design will create a prototype for your company to review. Often, clients provide website or design samples that indicate a design principal similar to their design ideas or model that they would like for their site.

Construction Phase

Once the final design is agreed upon, Gibbs Design will create the site into a functional website. Upon completion of constructing the design, content from the organization phase will be added to the site. The site will be reviewed by Gibbs Design and the client for final approval. Once the site has been approved, it will be posted to the world wide web.

Marketing Phase

The marketing phase is optional, but strongly urged. It is important to create an internet marketing presense to make your website more visible to the website viewing public. There are several ways to market your site.

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Maintenance Phase

It is important to keep your website current with news and events. Setup a maintenance plan with Gibbs Design to make sure that you are able to present accurate data to your web audience.

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