Web Design Checklist

  • A good idea of the domain name you would like to purchase. (ex: www.example.com)
  • A list of terms for navigation (ex: home, about us, contact)
  • Begin gathering content for each page of your website.
  • A list of email addresses you would like to have (ex: info@example.com)
  • Gather a small selection of websites that you have seen in the past that fit the profile of the design you would like to create for your website.
  • Gather a list of colors that you would like to use in your web site.
  • Obtain a copy of your corporate ID, company or personal logo. If you do not have one, Gibbs Design willcreate your ID at an additional cost.
  • Now that you have gathered all of your information, submit a request for a web design proposal through the Gibbs Design web site proposal request page.
  • You will be contacted within 24 hours of your proposal request.

Request A Proposal