Search Engine Marketing

There are several ways to increase the visibility of your website through the major search engines on the Internet today. The two most common forms of Internet marketing Paid (Sponsored) Placement and Natural Placement. Both forms of optimization are acceptable marketing techniques, and each have advantages and disadvantages.

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Paid (Sponsored) Placement

Paid placement is a form of Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) that was created by the major search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Paid search engine placement has been an industry service that many companies have implemented into their S.E.O. strategy. The major search engine providers have not followed an ethical approach to their style of sponsored placement and have been accused of paying their employees to "click" on competing website sponsored links in order to increase the bidding war between competitors while boosting the revenue of the search engine companies. Consequently, consumers are skeptical of the paid placement marketing, but are often forced to use such techniques as paid placement in order to keep an edge over their competitors.

Natural Placement

Natural Placement is a superior form of search engine marketing for many industries. While it may be increasingly difficult to maintain a high ranking in the search engines through natural placement, many companies are discovering that it is the strongest form of Internet marketing. Search engine programmers are creating extremely complex algorithms in order to decrease the amount of invalid optimization. An example of invalid natural placement is if an Internet viewer that may type the word "shoes" in notices that the first non-sponsored website to appear is Everyone knows that Barnes & Noble is a book store, and the odds of finding a shoe other than ones that are on the customer's feet, is slim to none. Search engine programmers have created algorithms that exclude Barnes & Noble from the shoe category, while including companies such as Nike, Adidas, & Reebok.

Both forms of Internet marketing are important to optimize your website's search engine performance. Natural placement is often an advantage in long-term web marketing. Paid placement can be significant in a saturated market, but the consistent competition is an increasing challenge for companies within any competitive industry.

Search Engine Marketing Process

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  • Site Evaluation
    • Evaluation of your pre-existing website, or
    • Strategy development and structure for content development of new site design
  • Content Development / Implementation
  • Site Submission process
  • Continued Research & Development

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